Rental4Life – East Brunswick.

Working with the wonderful lady behind Victoria Scott Photography, Rental4Life’s motif is to uncover the many ways of Melbourne’s rental life.

For our first shoot of Rental4Life, we visited the home of designer Sarah Lyons in Brunswick East and asked her a few questions on visions of perfect home, her current rental life and location location location.

“That’s a very loaded question! The current house my partner Bec and I (and our darling cat Catface) are renting at the moment sometimes feels quite claustrophobic, and that’s definitely due to the fact that all four rooms of the house are attached to a main narrow, dark hall. There’s no open space as such, just rooms with doors. So in light of my current living situation, my dream home would be open plan, with lots of natural light and ventilation! I don’t really have any notion of a ‘dream house’ to be honest. I really do enjoy the cracks and ageing of old houses, I think I’ll always call home to old houses; their nature is so beautiful and incomparable to contemporary architecture.

I love renting, I’ve only ever rented old houses, and there’s something really special about taking over a lease from a property that has seen so many faces, so many ways of living. I often sit in my kitchen and wonder who those first people were to live in this house, it’s lovely. We don’t really abide by the renting rules of ‘no nails in walls’; we figure that these houses are so old, sometimes so old and dilapidated that it’s reasonable to question their OH&S standards. Renting old homes is important, and sometimes it can be really quite educating to understand how daily life in the early 1900’s was supported by the architecture of these homes. Spotting old doorways that have been filled in with bricks, or the first layer of paint the house was subject to.

I’m enjoying East Brunswick, Bec and I have been on Clarence street for almost a year, having come from North Fitzroy. There’s a pretty big cultural and social difference between the two. Our street is full of old Italian couples who sit on their porch reading the newspaper aloud every morning, or bickering over inaudible subjects. There’s actually a 12 room official ‘share house’ on our street, it’s a pretty good example of poor quality, catalogue style contemporary housing.”

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